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Lock Your Bike And Keep an Eye on It

Posted On September 19, 2010 at 1:08 am by / No Comments

This Fall season more than ever it seems that bikes are being stolen. What can you do to keep yours from being the next quick junkie fix? Mostly, practice a little common sense.

  • Don’t leave your bike unlocked in a public place while you’re in class.
  • Use a U-lock or at the very least a good cable lock.
  • Keep an eye on it.

At the shop here, we cut a new cable lock in under 2 minutes. A customer came in today and had his new bike stolen when the perp used bolt cutters on a cheap pad-lock. A thief that knows what he or she is doing is gone in just a few minutes or less.

If it happens to you, call the cops. Make sure you have a serial number (located on the bottom-bracket), if you are the original owner, save your receipt as it will have information about the bike that can be used in an insurance settlement. If you have a nice bike, homeowners insurance or renters insurance will help you recover your loss.

Here’s a tip that has been useful in identifying a stolen bike, put a card down the seat tube with your name and contact information. This method is fool-proof if you find your bike and no one believes you.

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