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The Best Solar Showers for Car Camping

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The Coleman five-gallon Solar Shower is the best value in portable solar-showers and is modeled after the Stearns Solar-shower minus a few features. Stearns pioneered the solar-shower more than twenty years ago. Sub sequentially, the Coleman Brand and the Stearns Brand were purchased by Jarden Corporation, a holding company of consumer product brands.
From Jarden’s website “Jarden Corporation is a leading provider of a diverse range of consumer products with a portfolio of over 100 trusted, quality brands sold globally. Jarden operates in three primary business segments through a number of well recognized brands. Headquartered in Rye, N.Y., Jarden ranks #371 on the Fortune 500 and has over 23,000 employees worldwide.”

The Coleman Sun-Shower is of course available for purchase online through our link, but don’t despair, if your out on a trip and you find that you need one. The Coleman Sun-Shower is very affordable, unusually less than fifteen dollars at a K-mart or Wallmart, found in the camping section. Beware that sun-showers are a seasonal item so availability may be limited to warmer times of the year.

I’ve only been able to find the Stearns Sun-Shower online through Amazon.


As mentioned earlier, the Coleman Sun-Shower is modeled after the Stearns. the Coleman packs smaller and is slightly less-durable, but what do you expect for less than Fifteen dollars USD? Where durability counts is in the handle. the Coleman uses a six-inch pvc inser, the Stearns a twelve inch. With both, the filler port is suspect to leaking if filled and laid on its side. It’s important to keep the sun-shower up-right when filled to avoid leaking.

Where the Stearns stands out is in the thickness of the bladder material and in the seam welding, both superior to the Coleman.

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