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Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System

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I was going on a four-hour plus cyclocross ride last Saturday and I knew I would not have enough water in order to complete the ride. Lucky for me, this was a great opportunity to test out my new Sawyer Squeeze Water Filtration System. After contemplative consideration, I chose the Sawyer squeeze system over the ultra-violet light purification system because I couldn’t guarantee that I would always been around particle-free water in my travels.And, I discounted the potential cluster of a two-part system – bag and filter – that could end up being a hassle.

So far so good. I wrapped the 16oz bag around the filter and secured with a rubber band and stuck it in my bicycle jersey pocket and off I went. Indeed about three hours later I was out of water. I had planned my route as to be around a river at the that point of duration in the ride that I had expected to be out of water and in need of a re-fill.

The Sawyer system is not complicated to use: fill pouch-bag with water, wipe off any potential contamination, screw bag on to filter, squeeze filtered water into potable container – voila! The only tricky part is that related to the bag construction: the pouch-bag is a flat bag and does not naturally expand to receive the water. I had to sweep the bag in the river to fill the bag, else the bag would only partially fill.The whole process took five minutes for first-time use. Next time, I’ll be faster.

Rating: Outdoor Skinny Up

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